Hong Kong
Hong Kong


From Chinese Hong Kong means an odorous harbor. Some time different spices and fragrance were export from here. Located in the southeastern part of China it consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the so - called New Territories and 260 small islands. This rocky island was a shelter for pearl divers, man fishers, pirates and contrabandists. 

The high standard of living in the city is due to its status of tax free port. There is enormous quantity of banks and investment companies: approximately a bank per 3000 men. Hong Kong is the biggest natural port in Asia. The largest international exhibitions and fairs take place here every year. 

Hong Kong can be called a city of skyscrapers. They are of different colors and forms that stretch higher and higher. Much time ago it was just a village where people lived fishing. Now its one of the most developed commercial and financial centers in the world. Hong Kong is a place where different cultures meet and coexist. Luxury restaurants, grand mansions and penthouses, tenements, office blocks, huge liners and wooden boats, Aberdeen fishing village at the south of the city where 6000 live and work in junks (houseboats) moored in the harbor - all they coexist peacefully too. 

The major part of industry and commerce is on the protruding Kowloon Peninsula. Shopping districts of Hong Kong are concentrated in Causeway Bay and in Tsim Sha Tsui located at the very tip of the Kowloon Pininsula. Its a wonderful place for walking and entertainment. Things are humming in days and nights. Coming here by the scenic Star Ferry across the harbor from the Central youll find numerous shops, malls, restaurants, pubs, topless bars and markets, hotels and nightspots. If you are interested in famous brand goods such as Nike, Bossini, Esprit, U2, you are welcome to Sun Plaza and Park Lane Shoppers Boulevard. Beverley Commercial Center will be interested for you too.

The Cultural Center of Hong Kong, Space Museum, History Museum and Museum of Art, Man Mo Temple, zoological and botanical gardens are here too. So, if you are interested in cultural visit of the city you are welcome to this area. 

Youll get a great view of Victoria Harbor from Tsim Sha Tsui. If you prefer quiet picturesque nooks you are still welcome to Hong Kong! Ocean Park, Victoria Park, the largest park of Hong Kong, fantastic viewpoint of Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Park with the largest bird population on the island, Repulse Bay, Lantau Island are worth seeing and visiting! You are welcome to get a pleasure visiting a garden of one of the most famous Tao monasteries of Hong Kong, Chug Chung Qun Monastery, with its gorgeous collection of dwarf bush trees (bonsai), ponds and lotus thickets. 

Hong Kong is a city of different records. There is the biggest bronze statue of Buddah in the world of a 34 meters high, the longest suspension Bridge in the world, the longest open-air escalator in the world, the highest concrete skyscraper in the world, the biggest Chinese restaurant in the world, the largest brandy intake per capita. 

You are welcome to Hong Kong!

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