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Xian, the capital of Shaanxi Province, located in the northwestern part of China, in the valley of Weihe River. It was a capital for 11 dynasties such as Western Zhou, Qin, Western Han, Eastern Han, Sui and Tang, during 3000 years. In the reign of the Tang Dynasty the city was the place of pilgrimage for foreigners. They were attracted with wealth and magnificence of emperors welcomes, economic prosperity, lovely trade and original culture. The legendary Silk Road started from this city. Now its a modern and lively metropolis with a lot of sightseeing, monuments and museums connected with the history of the city that attract millions of tourists from other countries. Xian is a museum-city that combines the appearance of an ancient capital and features of the modern city. Its one of the first cities that were opened for visits of foreign tourists.  

Local snacks are niuyangrou paomo (steamed bread soaked in mutton or beef mint soup), qiaomian Hele (noodles made of buckwheat or sorghum flour), Old Tongs Layangrou (cured mutton), Qishan Saozimian (a kin of noodles with meat and vegetables), Qian County guokui (a kind of dry cake).

Special products of Shaanxi Province are walnuts, dates, Chinese chestnuts, Xifeng liquor, Lintong pomegranates, Lintong persimmons, Zhonghua Kiwi fruits (Actinidia chinensis).

Local handicrafts are Qin embroidery, paper-cut*, Guanzhong shadow play, Yaozhou porcelain and replicas of Tang tri-color pottery**, cloth patch wares***.  






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