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The Legendary Trans-Siberian Railroad

The modern names of the Great Siberian Way are the Transsib or Trans-Siberian Railway. Transsib is a rail track running through the whole Russia connecting its European part, capital of Russia, Moscow with its middle (Siberia) and eastern (Far East) areas. Siberian regions were rich in nature resources and construction of the Siberian railroad could help to connect them with the rest parts of Russia. And Tsar Elexander III ordered to start this perspective project realizing in 1891. Trans-Siberian railroad construction was the greatest in the world because of speed and length of the construction, volume of work completed and difficult building conditions. Today this train route becomes more and more popular among tourists who want to explore the whole Russia with its Siberia and Far East using the railway system.

The length of the road between Moscow and Vladivostok is 9 288,2 km and it's the longest railway in the world. It takes 7 days to cover this route by train. As you can guess, you'll see the whole country during this trip. And to tell the truth, you'll see and learn much more about the country and people living there traveling by train. 

You have 2 variants of traveling by train: by regular trains and by luxury trains. If you prefer the regular trains you get off one train to spend a day or two in the next large city on-route and then change the train getting on another train to go further.  If you go by the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, for example, you'll go by the same train from the very beginning of the journey to the end of it, and you get off the train just for cities exploration en-route, without changing the trains. 

You'll cross 7 time zones (time difference with Moscow is the following: Yekaterinburg - 2 hours plus, Novosibirsk - 3 hours plus, Krasnoyarsk - 4 hours plus, Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude - 5 hours plus, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok - 7 hours plus). And you'll see large Russian rivers such as Volga, Yenissey, Ob and Amur. And of course, you will not pass by the Lake Baikal. 

The way from Moscow through Mongolia to China was called Trans-Manjurian Way or Trans Manchurian Route. The train crosses the Great Goby Desert after passing Ulan-Bator. Gobi Desert is one of the untouched, unique and mysterious places on the Earth. 

If you go to China by train # 20 (avoiding Mongolia) you go via Manchjuria and Harbin City. The city is famous for its ice-carving shows held in Zhaolin Park, curative Hot Springs and local Zoo. 

If you go to China by train# 04 you go through Mongolia and via Datun in China where you can make a stop and see the Great China Wall. And you can go to the final stop of the Transsiberian or Trans-Manjurian Ways - the Beijing City and take a tour to the Wall from Beijing already. 

 If you dream about going along Transsib you are welcome and we can make a program for you  as you see it just basing on the trains schedule of regular trains of Transsib or we can book a completed tour with Trans-Siberian Golden Eagle Express. It's up to you!

You are welcome to visit these great countries by train! 


Have a good journey!

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