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Dear friends, if you are going to visit surrounds of Lake Baikal in May-June, you can need a vaccination for encephalitic mite. The matter is that it's a high season for this blood-sucker's spread. Sometimes it's enough to be very careful during a tour: just not to forget to observe the clothes and help each other in doing it more often then usually.  Your clothes should cover your body completely without leaving an open place of it (for example, if it's a polo-neck or a shirt its collar should adjoin you neck tight, your neck, your head, the place behind your ears should be covered, the arms of your jacket or a shirt should be tight to your hands too, the same for the trousers). Cause if not, in this case you'll give an encephalitic mite a short time for its invasion. But in spite of it, people traveled, travel and will travel around Lake Baikal at this time.






You are welcome to Ulan-Ude, Buryatia!

And to be more exact, to Transbaikal Region, where Transbaikalien people live!

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