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Lenin Street

The main street of the city is the Lenin Street called as Tractovaya or Bolshaya or Bolshaya Nicholaevskaya street in the past. The manors of different social classes, such as merchants, petty bourgeois, Cossacks and clergymen were to be seen in Lenin Street in the XVIII-XIX cc. Very often the first floor was used as a small shop and the second floor consisted of apartments or was a living part of a house. Sometimes the buildings were so huge and extended far inside of the quarter. Later stone houses appeared in the street, they belonged to the distinguished townsmen well known not in Verkhneudinsk only but far away from it also. Today you can walk along the pedestrian part of the Lenin Street, so called Arbat, and see the manors preserved since then. Well tell you just about some of them. 

Cathedral of the Icon of the Mother of God Hodigitria

The Cathedral of the Icon of the Mother of God Hodigitria (She Who shows the way) is the first stone building of the city. It was built in 1741 1785. Its without saying the masterpiece of Russian Baroque in Transbaikalia. The great number of church members, special style of interiors, wealthy of holy vessels and the library made the cathedral be the main orthodox church among the orthodox churches of Transbaikalia. Youll find the cathedral at the beginning of Lenin Street. 

Trading Rows

Trading Rows built in 1804-1830 are located in the Revolution Square. In 1803 the merchants and rich bourgeois decided at the meeting to build a stone Trading Rows and they were supposed to occupy the whole central square. A public well was built at the western side of the Trading Rows, it should have been used for protection city from fire.

The building of the Asian-Pacific Bank

The building of the Asian-Pacific Bank, 27, Lenin Street, was built at the beginning of 1820. Youll see the building greatly changed but at that time it was the best sample of classicism in the city. It belonged to the merchant of the 1-st guild (there were different classes of merchants before the revolution in Russia) and honorary citizen of the city A. Kurbatov. He was elected the Chief of the city in 1816-1819. 

26, Lenin Street is the Museum of the City. The building was built in 1880s. The building belonged to the hereditary honorary citizen of the city Verkhneudinsk, the merchant of the 1-st guild, I. Goldobin. He made a significant contribution to the development of the city. The future Emperor Nicholas II stayed there on 21 of June 1981 on his way back from a journey round the world. 

The building with Telamones

The Building with Telamones is on 30, Lenin Street. This building was built in 1907. It belonged to the partnership of N. Kapelman. The first floor was rent by a Confectionery Modern, teashop and cinematograph; the second floor was given to the Wood Industrial Partnership. 

The next building is the House of Town Public Assemblies located in 46, Lenin Street. There is a Museum of Nature here today. The building was built at the beginning of XX century. Prosperous townsmen spent their free time here. Christmas performances, public meetings, theater performances took place here. People came here to celebrate outstanding and important events. 

Former Orphanage

In the building located in 50, Lenin Street there was an Orphanage for children of prisoners. It was the only orphanage in the whole Transbaikalia. It was built at the beginning of 1900s on means of the merchant I. Goldobin. More than 80 children from 2 to 17 years old found shelter and care here. Today a Center of Medical Preventive Measures of the Republic of Buryatia is located here. 

You are welcome to see the place of foundation of the city, Rimpoche Bagsha Datsan (people say that there is the biggest golden statue of Buddha here), the biggest head of Lenin (mentioned in Giness Book) located at the Soviets Square, the main square of Ulan-Ude! And believe us, please, youll like it very much. 

Square of Soviets 

What can you buy as souvenirs in Buryatia, in Ulan-Ude? There is the only felt-milling factory of Siberia in Ulan-Ude, and you may buy Siberian felt boots of any size and color, decorated with ribbon and embroidery. Felt boots can be very useful during the cold winter and sharp frost. People buy a box of miscellaneous candies with Siberian berries and cedar nuts inside with a great pleasure. The candies made by factory Amta are famous, just check expire date on a box. Baikal omul in barrel, smoked or salted will astonish you greatly. Youll like Transbaikalian cedar nut absolutely, and it doesnt matter if its in a cone or shelled already. National knives, ornaments with ethnic patterns, precious and semiprecious stones, works of craftsmen made of wood, stone, felt, silver, clay or even from bread dough.


You are welcome to Ulan-Ude!

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