Memorial Morskoye Cemetery. Museums of Vladivostok.

MUSEUMS.  Memorial Morskoye Cemetery.

  • Located in Potrocl Bay. By bus from the city center 25 40 minutes.
  • Open daily. 

The origin of the Cemetery dates back to the period of the Russian-Japan War (1904 - 1905); it was initially meant as a common burial place of those killed in hostilities. In 1908 a church named after the Holly Virgins All Mourners Joys Icon was erected in the central part of the cemetery. It was designated a Memorial to All Perished on the Seas. In December 1911 after transferring from Korea the ashes of the seamen from cruiser Varyag who died in the battle with Japanese Squadron of warships on January 27, 1904 (Russo-Japanese War of 1904 - 1905) were reburied beside the altar of the temple. 

A Military Necropolis of the Civil War period has been preserved on the Cemetery grounds. It was built in the spring of 1920, the work being supervised by Voitekh Koubek, a Czech engineer. The Necropolis is comprised of two zones separated by a road. About 500 Czechoslovak Legionaries killed in Primorye in 1918 - 1920 are buried in the north zone. 

There are about 40 graves of British, French, American and Canadian soldiers and officers died in Primorye in the period of intervention (1918 - 1922). The monument was erected there on four sides of which there were engraved names of 13 British soldiers buried in different regions of Siberia. The restoration work is currently going on at the Necropolis. 

A lot of famous people were buried there. Vladimir Arseniev, the explorer of the Russian Far East who died in Vladivostok in 1930 is among them.

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