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St. Petersburg is a real revelation. The traveler entering Russia from the west is bound to be struck by its beauty, so European and yet so unlike anything else in Europe. The traveler coming from Moscow is also bound to have a new experience, seeing something quite different from the country's present capital and, for that matter, unlike any other city in Russia. If Moscow is Europe's most Asiatic capital, St. Petersburg is Russia's most European city.

It is unique in being most perfectly planned; its beauty lying in the unsurpassed blend of Russian and West European architecture and art. The builders of the city treated color as an essential part of their scheme, and St. Petersburg owes much of its special atmosphere to these painted facades. Architectural appearance is the basis of attraction for tourists today.

People often call St. Petersburg Northern Venice. With its ensembles of embankments, avenues, squares and canals this city remains one of the most beautiful in Europe: where Moscow intimidates, St. Petersburg enchants.

St. Petersburg is chock-full of history. It was founded by Peter the Great as "window on the west". From here autocratic tsars ruled Russia for two centuries with the splendor and stubbornness that led to their downfall at the hands of workers and soldiers in March, 1917. That same year, Lenin came back here from exile to drive his Bolshevik Party to power. This very city withstood a three-year siege during World War II.

The city's two centuries as Russia's capital bequeathed it an artistic and entertainment scene which still at least equals Moscow's. Russian ballet was born in St. Petersburg and the 19th -century flowering of Russian music was centered here. Nijinsky, Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov, to name but a few, spent important periods of their life here. Pushkin was educated in, exiled from, read-mitted to and killed in St. Petersburg; Dostoevsky set Crime and Punishment here.

The best time to admire St. Petersburg is a miracle time of "white nights" from May, 25 to July, 20 (the most light nights are in the period from June, 11 to July, 02).












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