Far East of Russia


Far East, its really far! In Chukotka there is the most eastern point of the Globe. In Yakutia the coldest point on the planet the Pole of Cold. Magadan Region located in the Arctic area is famous for its severe climate, winter lasts here from 6 to 7.5 months and its the biggest gold-field in Russia. 

The Far East of Russia will impress you greatly with its severe and beautiful nature. Travel along Transsiberian Railway will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with culture and the way of living of the peoples inhabiting Russia in general and the Far East in particular. A complete non-stop trip from Moscow to Vladivostok takes 7 days by train.

Russian Far East is famous for its fascinating and prolific wild nature. Such rare animal as Ussurian tiger, the biggest among the tigers, reigns here and the Far Eastern Leopard live here too. In Khabarovsk you will see and get a chance to take a boat for a short cruise along the great Amur river, visit the Khekhtsirsky Nature Reserve where species of Northern and Southern botanical zones are represented or go to Sikachi-Alyan village to know about life and traditions of the Nanai people, one of the native ethnic groups leaving in the Far East of Russia. There is a unique place in the Khabarovsk Territory, on the Amur bank, where ancient rock drawings have survived. They are approximately 12 000 years old. 

Primorye is an untamed mix of forest, mountain and sea. Marine Natural Biosphere Reserve is the only marine reserve in Russia. Youll visit secluded bays of Japan Sea and if you dive youll see the whole wealth of underwater world! You will be seduced by the beauty of bloomy Lotus and variety of bird realm in the Khanka Lake. Youll be able to go to the real taiga and see Siberian Tiger (or Amur Tiger) if you visit Lazo Preserve (or Lazovsky Nature Reserve) and Sikhote - Alin Nature Reserve. Kedrovaya Pad Reserve, the oldest nature reserve of Russia, is one of Khasans wonders and part of the last remaining habitat of the Far Eastern Leopard. Closed to outsiders in Soviet times Primorye is now open for you in all its beauty and mystery. Vladivostok is the end of the Trans-Siberian Railway. 

Sakhalin is the only region of Russia located on islands, its famous for its fauna and flora, mineral sources and healing mud, volcanoes and waterfalls, archaeological monuments and nature reserves. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city is surrounded with the trees twined with lianas. There is Chinese Lemon. The most attractive are decorative plants and the huge lily Glena. Sakhalin is the only place in Russia where this kind of lily grows. The Japanese Oriental Cherry is the most beautiful during the blossom. 

Kamchatka is the land of geysers and hot mineral springs, active volcanoes and wonderful mountain valleys. And just realize how such different climate zones can be combined here: temperately maritime, strong continental and arctic!

Far East of Russia consists of Amur Region, Chukchi Autonomous Region, Jewish Autonomous Area, Kamchatka Region, Khabarovsk Territory, Koryak Autonomous Area, Magadan Region, Primorye Territory, Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and Sakhalin Region. You are welcome to visit any of this regions! Well help you to come here. 

You are welcome to the FAR EAST OF RUSSIA!

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