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Transfers and guides' services


If you go to Yekaterinburg and need a car to pick you up at the airport or at the train station you've come to the right page. You will find information you need right here. Arrival and departure transfers in Yekaterinburg and it doesn't matter if you are alone or you are a group. We have western cars, minivans and buses to offer you.

The price doesn't depend on if it's an arrival or departure transfer. And they are in EURO per a car/ minivan/ bus.

Transfer 1 pax
Volkswagen "Passat"
2 pax
Volkswagen "Passat"
3-6 pax
Mercedes Istana
7-9 pax
Mercedes Istana
10-15 pax
Mercedes Sprinter
16-20 pax
Kia GranBird Mitsubishi
Train station (07.00-21.00) 35 35 69 96 121 200
Train station (21.00-07.00) 40 40 71 98 127 206
Airport (07.00-21.00) 42 42 82 96 132 206
Airport (21.00-07.00) 46 46 88 98 135 220

 Please check the price of the transfer during booking because it can be changed without notice. Exact price is confirmed at the time of booking.

If you need an English/ German/ French/ Russian-speaking assistance during the transfer add please 27 EUR to the price of a transfer. An assistant will be a student or a graduate of a language high school.

If you are going to see the city and its suburbs by yourselves and need a guide for it we can offer the services of English/ German/ French/ Russian-speaking guides are from 15 EUR per hour (minimum 3 hours).



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