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Moscow - Yekaterinburg - Novosibirsk - Irkutsk - Ulan-Ude - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok

Duration: 16 days. 
Local time everywhere.

As you can see below, we don't have special dates the tour to start. The dates can be on your possibility and wish, just see the days of train departures but the majority of them are daily. In any case, we'll do our best to find a train to let you leave this or that town according your plans.

Day 1. Moscow
Arrive in Moscow by international flight.  Transfer to the 3-star hotel for a one-night stay. City tour  with the Sparrow Hills, pedestrian Arbat Street, Victory Park, Christ the Savior Cathedral. Free time. 
Lunch & Dinner (optional).

Day 2.  Moscow
Morning check-out. City tour with the Red Square & Alexander's Garden.  Visit to the Kremlin with its territory and cathedrals, Armoury Museum. Diamond Fund on request for additional payment. Lunch in the city. Afternoon transfer to the train station. Departure at 16.08 (daily) by train # 16 to Yekaterinburg.

Day 3. Yekaterinburg (+2 hours to the Moscow time)
Originally Yekaterinburg was founded as a capital of metallurgical region, center of mechanical engineering, a city of gold and precious stones. The location of the city is unique:  it stands on the meeting of the Asian and European parts of the continent, an idiosyncratic key to the endless and rich Siberia, a window to the Asia as St. Petersburg - a window to the Europe. We cross the Europe/ Asia divide before arrival in Yekaterinburg, capital of the Urals. We arrive in Yekaterinburg at 19.45. Arrival transfer. Accommodation at the 3-star hotel in the city center. Free time. 
Dinner at the hotel (optional)

Day 4.  Yekaterinburg
After checking-out from the hotel we'll go for a city tour. You'll see the architectural monuments of Russian classicism of the 18-19th centuries. You'll have the possibility to follow the last way of Romanov Dinasty visiting place of the former Ipatyev's House, exposing wax figures and authentic photos of the Emperor's family, visiting the place where the remains which might belong to the members of the tzar family were found (30 km from Yekaterinburg). 

Geological Museum
will show you a huge and unique collection of underground wealth of Urals accumulated here: 600 from 800 kinds of minerals known in Urals. You'll see the giant rock crystal just entering! That is the hugest and most beautiful rock crystal shown in the museums of Russia and Europe, its weight is 784 kg and it's 170 sm of height! Trip to the boarder of Europe and Asia will give you opportunity to see and visit this unique place. Free time with a guide in the city for a shopping and walking. Departure transfer to the train station. Departure at 21.04 by train# 56 on even dates/ at 21.04 by train 26 on odd dates to Novosibirsk
Lunch and dinner in the city (optional).

Day 5. Novosibirsk (+3 hours to the Moscow time)
Novosibirsk is the largest city and industrial center of Siberia. The geographical center of Russia, unofficially considered being a capital of Western Siberia. Novosibirsk is the largest scientific center in Siberia. The main feature of Novosibirsk is its virgin nature, its primeval beauty - Altai Mountains. We arrive in Novosibirsk at 18.00 by train# 56 or by train# 26. Arrival transfer to the 3-star hotel in the city center. 
Dinner at the hotel (optional).

Day 6 . Novosibirsk
City tour, during which you'll see Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the first stone building raised in 19-20 cc, visit a backstage of the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, a building with 60-meters dome and 900 ml, the hugest theater building of Russia, railway bridge over the river Ob. Tour to the Akademgorodok (town of scientists). It's well known all over the world. A great number of discoveries in physics, chemistry, space technology was made here.

Excursion to the Sun Museum that is unique in the world. You will not find anything of that kind anywhere else. You'll see an incredible variety of representations of the Sun. You'll see paintings by Nikolai Rerikh, works of Russian paintings of the 18th-19th cc (Sourikov, Tropinin, Repin), samples of Western-European art, sculptures, graphics and applied art in the Art Gallery.  And in the Museum of the Train you'll get known the history of train development and see different kinds of the trains. Free time  at the hotel. Late departure transfer to the train station. Departure at 22.57 by train# 08/02 daily to Irkutsk.  
Lunch and dinner in the city (optional).

Day 7. En-route

Day 8. Irkutsk (+ 5 hours to the Moscow time)
Irkutsk is the capital of Irkutsk Region, one of the biggest and most interesting regions in Russia, the whole world in Eastern Siberia which is not far from the famous Lake Baikal. Irkutsk stands at the crossroads of the trade routes between the East and West.  Arrive in Irkutsk early in the morning (at 06.45). Additional breakfast. And we have to go further and leave Irkutsk for the Lake Baikal. It takes about 1 hour to cover 70 km, the distance between Irkutsk city and the Lake Baikal. Baikal differs from the other lakes in the world by virtue of its unique depth, volume, the quality of its water and age for lakes exist usually for no more than of thousands of years, and finally, by virtue of its wildlife. If you dream about seeing the whole Lake you are welcome to cruise (but it's another story :)). 

You'll walk around Listvyanka village, have a visit to St. Nicholas Church, get known the flora and fauna of the Lake Baikal after visiting Baikal Museum. Lunch at the restaurant at the Lake Baikal. Departure transfer back to Irkutsk. And on your way you'll visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture 'Taltsy'. Taltsy Museum represents a real Siberian village! You'll see unique monuments of the Russian wooden architecture of the XVII - XIX cc: the passing tower and the church of the Mother of God of Kazan from Ilimsky Burg (the exhibit of the 17th c), the parish school, farmsteads of peasants with plank bed, Rusian oven and the 'red corner' with icons in it. 

After checking-in we'll go for the city tour. You'll see the oldest point of the city, the place where Irkutsk began and the modern part of the city with its unforgettable architecture and atmosphere. 

You probably heard of the Decembrists, the Russian noble men -revolutionaries who instigated and uprising against autocracy and serfdom in St. Petersburg in December 1825 (their names are derived from the name of month of uprising). Some of them were hanged, the rest were imprisoned and exiled to Siberia. The Decembrists spent thirty-odd years in Siberia, first doing penal servitude in prison and then in exile in remote areas of the severe region. Many of the Decembrists' wives voluntarily followed their husbands into exile. They had to leave not only their former way of lives in St. Petersburg but they had to leave their children also. And you'll get known about it during the visit Decembrists' Museum.  Later some of the Decembrists' families were given permission to move to the town towards the end of their term of exile. Their houses are still there. They are museums now. 

If you'd like to feel the life of the city, to try to understand its soul you'd better to stay here for more time to walk by yourself and watch, and look, and see. 
Dinner at the hotel (optional).

* If you'd like to stay at the Lake Baikal or in Irkutsk city for 1-2 nights write us about it please and we'll make changes in the programme according your wishes. 

Day 9. Irkutsk, on board, Ulan Ude 
Morning departure transfer to the train station. Departure at 07.20 by train# 02 to Ulan-Ude (odd dates only). Early morning departure by train will allow you to see the shore line of the Lake Baikal.  We arrive in Ulan Ude on the same day at 14.09 by train# 02. Ulan -Ude is a capital of the Buryat Republic. Arrival transfer to the 3-star hotel. City tour. Visit village of Old Believers with a folk show and dinner in the village. 
Lunch in the city or at the hotel (optional).
And pay attention please that 1-st class on this very train is not available as a rule cause the distance is short and it can happen so that we'll have to take 2 tickets of the 2-nd class to let people be just two in a compartment as in the 1-st class.

Day 10. Ulan-Ude
After breakfast we'll go to the Ivolginsky Datsan, a center of Buddhism in Russia. Lunch in the city. Departure transfer to the train station. Departure at 14.39 by train# 02/ 08 daily to Khabarovsk.  

Day 11. On board
Enjoy the peaceful pace on board the train. Beautiful scenery.

Day 12. Khabarovsk (+7 hours to the Moscow time)
You arrive in Khabarovsk at 19.08 by train 02/ 08. Arrival transfer to the 3-star hotel. Free time.
Dinner at the hotel (optional).

Day 13. Khabarovsk
City tour will allow  you to see the central part of the city, it's main attractions, different city squares, Cathedral of Transfiguration of the Savior, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, walk along the quay and Muravyov-Amursky street, the most popular place for leisurely walking. Visit Museum of History named after Gradekov

If you are 2 persons or more you'll go further for a tour to Bolsheheretsky Nature Reserve where you'll visit local museum and get known with the flora and fauna of the Far East, walk ecological path and have lunch at the wooden house. Evening transfer to the train station. Departure at 19.00 by train# 06 daily to Vladivostok.  

Day 14. Vladivostok  (+7 hours to the Moscow time)
At 07.01 we arrive in Vladivostok, Primorye. Arrival transfer. City tour with a visit Arsenyev Primorsky Krai Museum, Vladivostok Fortress Museum. Accommodation at the 4-star hotel. Lunch in the city. Memorial Submarine S-56 Museum, Vladivostok Aquarium (Oceanarium)
Dinner at the hotel (optional).

Day 15. Vladivostok
Full day tour Come to see tigers its a family affair! A visit to a family of Siberian tigers, master of Ussuri Wilderness, in the next best thing to their natural habitat: a large enclosed woodland in Spassky County 250 km north of Vladivostok. The area is part of a Russian Academy of Sciences biological research reserve. Your guides will be the biologists who manage the project.Lunch is included.
Dinner at the hotel (optional).

Day 16. Vladivostok
Breakfast at the hotel & transfers to the airport for departure by international flights. 

Included: accommodation at the 3* hotels as per itinerary; meals mentioned in the programme as included; arrival & departure transfers, all guided programmes;  entrance fees, train tickets acc the class. The tour language is English & German. Other languages speaking guides are available on request and at a supplement. 

EUR per/pax 1 pax 2 pax

10 pax

  single twin twin single
1-st class train tickets 4928 3728 2792 2854
2-nd class train tickets 4429 3229 2294 2355

Not included: airfares; charges of a personal nature; any optional excursions; drinks; meals as optional; visa and excess luggage charges; insurance and laundry services, banks charges for money transfer.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Exact rates are confirmed at the time of booking. . 


You are welcome to travel by regular trans-siberian trains along the Great Transsiberian Way!

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