Lake Baikal


Route: Irkutsk - MRS Settlement – Maloe More Islands (Small Sea) - Olkhon Island - Peschanaya Bay- Listvyanka - Circum-Baikal Railway - Baikalsk - Khamar-Daban – Irkutsk
Schedule of excursions: March (for the groups it can be February)
Number of people:  2-12


The program of the tour:

Day 1. March, 3
Arrival in Irkutsk
Combined transfer from the airport and from the railway station to the Small Sea. The Small Sea is the strait that separates the famous island of Olkhon from the mainland. About four hours on the road.
An hour after departure from Irkutsk, a stop in the village of Ust-Orda, in which you will find a small tour of the ethnographic museum, as well as a meeting with a shaman who will conduct a cleansing ceremony for you. After a rich program of lunch in the cafe, where you will have the opportunity to taste Buryat cuisine - traditional buuzes and brick-tea.
In the evening, arrival at the recreation center "Veter Stranstviy". Accommodation in the rooms of "standard” category. Accommodation in the rooms of a higher category is extra-charged.
Evening dinner where all participants can get to know each other better.

The cost of the first day includes:
• Transfer Irkutsk Small Sea
• lunch in the Buryat cafe
• tickets to the ethnographic museum
• meeting with a shaman
• accommodation at the recreation center “Veter Stranstviy” (2 and 3bed rooms of the category “standard”)
• a complex dinner at the recreation center “Veter Stranstviy”

Day 2. March, 4
The day starts with early climbing for those who would like to meet the dawn. The base is located on the rocky shore, which offers a stunning view of the Small Sea, Olkhon Island and the rising sun.
There will be an instruction after breakfast, then cars landing and START! You will spend the next three days crossing Baikal over ice on reliable and dependable off-road vehicles.
Movement on the ice will not be long but the day will be very full. You explore almost the entire waters of Maloe More. Visit such iconic places as:
The ice grottos of Olkhon Island, in which you will see the impressive ice sokui. Sokui is one of the varieties of Baikal ice, frozen water splashes. Sokui impress with their size and transparency of ice.
Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment on Ogoy Island.
Cape Khoboy is the northernmost point of Olkhon Island. Cape Khoboy is famous for its grandiose hummock fields, which are formed annually in March on Lake Baikal.
After such a busy day will be accommodation at the recreation center in Olkhon.

The cost of the second day includes:
• Journey on dependable jeeps on the ice of Baikal as a passenger
• Breakfast at the recreation center “Veter Stranstviy”
• Picnic lunch on ice
• Dinner at the recreation center on Olkhon
• Accommodation at the recreation center on Olkhon (2 double rooms of “standard” category)
• Guide service
• Bathhouse at the recreation center on Olkhon.

Day 3. March, 5
In the morning everyone can meet the sunrise at Cape Burkhan (Shamanka Rock). A one-way walk from the recreation center will take you about 10-15 minutes.
After breakfast - by car! We go on a long journey to the bay “Peschanaya”.
On the way will be a stop at the white marble cliff Saga-Zaba, examine ancient rock paintings.
Lunch-bite on the way (tea, sandwiches, broth).
The route we will take today is famous for the vast expanses of pure ice or the so-called glare. For the whole day, you’ll see enough of the black abyss of the blue Baikal ice, make gorgeous photos of the “ice cobwebs”, with which the entire ice space of Baikal is strewn.
In the evening, arrival at Peschanaya Bay. Peschanaya Bay - one of the most famous and picturesque places on Lake Baikal which does not leave anyone indifferent. The bay is famous for its stilted trees, magnificent views of the lake from the rocks surrounding it.

The cost of the third day includes:
• Journey on dependable jeeps on the ice of Baikal as a passenger
• Breakfast at the recreation center on Olkhon
• Picnic lunch on ice
• Dinner at the recreation center on the way (Peschanaya Bay or Buguldeyka village)
• Accommodation at the recreation center (2 and 3bed rooms of the category “standard”)
• Guide service.

Day 4. March, 6
Packing up after breakfast. A walk on the ice of Baikal to a small but very picturesque island Baklaniy Kamen (Cormorant Stone). After the walk, continue the journey in jeeps.
On the way, you will find stops in picturesque places such as the Sennaya creek valley, as well as traditional snacks right on the ice of Baikal.
Arrival in Listvyanka, accommodation in the largest hotel on Lake Baikal "Mayak". Accommodation in rooms of "standard" category. Dinner in the hotel restaurant.

The cost of the fourth day includes:
Journey on prepared jeeps on the ice of Baikal as a passenger
Breakfast at the recreation center "Baikal Dunes"
Picnic lunch on ice
Dinner at the “Mayak” Restaurant
Accommodation in the hotel “Mayak” (2 double rooms the category of "standard")
Guide service.

Day 5. March, 7
Do not skip breakfast and eat tight! After all, you will find a fascinating acquaintance with the charming Siberian Husky. These are race dogs that will be ready to give you a ride. Feel like a real musher!
After riding the dogs we get on a miracle vehicle called the hydroskimmer Hivus hovercraft! And go to cross Baikal! On the way, stop for lunch at one of the caps of the Circum-Baikal Railway. It is a unique historical and cultural complex, which includes historical monuments of engineering and nature, completely unique sights. The Circum-Baikal Road surpasses all the rail tracks built in the world and is considered to be among the railways of the world.
Then we move to the city of Baikalsk, which is located on the south-eastern side of Baikal. On arrival in Baikalsk (in the evening) accommodation in the park-hotel “Beliy Sobol”.
Dinner in the restaurant “Klukva”, which is located on the territory of the park-hotel.
In the evening you can organize a sauna / bath (not included)

The cost of the fifth day includes:
• Breakfast at the “Mayak” restaurant
• Dog sledding
• Transfer Listvyanka Baykalsk on the hydroskimmer “Khivus
• Picnic lunch on ice
• Accommodation in the Park Hotel “Beliy Sobol” (2, 3bed rooms of the “standard” category)
• Dinner at the Restaurant “Klukva”
• Guide service.

Day 6. March, 8
Dear ladies, we congratulate you on the International Women's Day! This day will start with these words! After breakfast, we will go to the mountains of Khamar-Daban! Khamar-Daban is the most ancient mountain group of the planet, stretching from west to east for more than 350 km, forming a mountainous country on the southern coast of Baikal.
Transfer Baikalsk - Warm lakes. A distance of 40 km, the way takes about an hour. These picturesque forest lakes are located at 7 kilometers from Lake Baikal.
After a short training course on snowmobiles we go on a small trip along the Snowy River to Strelka (an unusually picturesque place where the Selenginka River flows into the Snezhnaya). The kingdom of snow and sun in the foothills of the majestic Khamar-Daban takes us into the fabulous possessions of the snow queen, filling our hearts and souls with joy. Among the mountains of Khamar-Daban and the purest snow will be a wonderful day on March 8!
If you wish, you can organize ice fishing (the catch in these places is traditionally quite good). A picnic in the winter hut, a surprise will give you a lot of beautiful, truly unforgettable moments. Transfer to Baikalsk. The day will finish with a real ice bath!

The cost of the fifth day includes:


• Breakfast and dinner at the restaurant “Klukva”.
• Snowmobile tour
• Picnic lunch in the winter hut.
• Accommodation in the park-hotel “Beliy Sobol” (2, 3-bed rooms of the “standard” category)
• Dinner at the restaurant “Klukva”
• Guide service
• Ice bath (2 hours).

Day 7. March, 9
Transfer from Baikalsk to Irkutsk. A distance of 160 km, on the road about 3 hours.
It's time to tell Baikal “Goodbye”, make a wish and come back in summer, spring or autumn!
See you soon!

Day 8. March, 10
Transfer from the hotel in Irkutsk to the airport or to the railway station.


You are welcome to Siberia: Irkutsk and Baikal Lake!

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