Staff and service of the Golden Eagle Transsiberian Express

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express. Staff & Service.

You'll find the most popular questions here asked us before departure of  the Golden Eagle Express about the staff and service on the board of the train. If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask us. We get questions from our partners more often than from the clients that's why you'll see "your clients" here but you can read it as "you" as well. 

How many Tour Managers are on board? 
There is one senior Tour Manager on board and also a number of assistants depending on the total number of passengers

Is there a doctor on board at all times? 
Yes, a doctor is provided, who travels with the train and passengers at all times. Our doctors are available 24-hours a day and are responsible for primary health care. They do carry medicines, but if you are taking prescription medication, please bring enough supplies to last for the duration of your trip.

Is the Doctor English speaking? 
Under normal circumstance we always provide an English speaking doctor, however there may be exceptional circumstances out of our control where that may not be possible.

What happens in the event hospital treatment is needed? 
We will make every effort to ensure that you receive the highest possible level of care and if required, will get in touch with your relatives at home.

How many people work on the train? 
64 people normally work on the train, however this may vary slightly depending on the individual departure and the number of passengers

How many people does the attendant look after?
There are 2 attendants in each carriage who look after a maximum of 10 passengers in Gold class, and 12 passengers in Silver class.

How many chefs are there on board? 
There is 1 executive chef and 5 sours chefs.

Are there porters to help with baggage?
There are porters at each of the hotels and at the station to help us get our luggage on and off the train

Are the guides English speaking? 
Yes, the local guides speak English as well as the on-board Tour Manager. If you have group who wish to have a guide in a language other than English, you need to ensure that this request is made at the time of booking and we will aim to provide one (charges may apply).

You are welcome to travel with us by the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express!

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