Train facilities of the Golden Eagle Transsiberian Express

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express. Train Facilities.

You'll find the most popular questions here asked us about train facilities of the Golden Eagle Transsiberian Express. If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask us. We get questions from our partners more often than from the clients that's why you'll see "your clients" here but you can read it as "you" as well. 

What chargers will clients need ? 
The train in Russia is equipped with a 220v European plug socket. Please ensure that you have the correct adaptor for any electrical items that you may wish to charge while on board the train. 

Are these available for use on board:
sewing kit
shoe polish
trouser press
We do not provide these items within the cabins, however, the laundry lady is able to accommodate small repairs and provide an ironing service. 

Is there a First Aid kit on board? 
We have a designated Doctors Surgery on board the train and this will contain a fully stocked first aid kit. There is also a first aid kit in each carriage, however, it is the clients own responsibility to ensure that they have adequate supplies of any ongoing medication that you will need for the duration of the journey.

Is there a safe in the cabin / onboard the train? 
Gold & Silver class cabins have a safety deposit box located inside the wardrobe.

Is there a shop on board, where I can buy:
daily newspaper
drinks & snacks 
Theres no such shop on board but most of these items can be purchased in the cities during the stops. Foreign newspapers are hardly available anywhere except Moscow but we provide news print outs from the internet. 

Is there a DVD, book & game library on board? 
There are games like scrabble and chess and a selection of books and DVDs on board. 

Is smoking permitted? 
Smoking in the cabins is strictly prohibited. Your clients can smoke in specific designated areas at the ends of their carriage.

Is there a laundry facility?
There is a laundry service on board. Both classes passengers are charged per item at the end of the trip. Payment can be made by cash or credit card.

Is there an internet and fax facility on board and if so, how much does this cost? 
There is no internet or fax facility aboard the trains; however it is possible to check emails during certain stops en route. This may mean missing the excursion programm for that day.

Is there a business centre on board? 
We have some office facilities like printer and copier on board. These can be used in urgent cases.

Can I send a fax? 
There is no facsimile machine on board the train, but during stops the tour Manager will be able to assist to locate the nearest place from which it is possible to send a fax.

Are there any sort of communication links while we are on board? 
Mobile phone coverage can now be found virtually along the entire Trans-Siberian Express route, however it is not continuous. We do not have a satellite phone on board the train, but the Tour Manager can be contacted in emergencies on the mobile telephone number provided on the 24 hour emergency card provided in the travel wallets. 

Where is luggage stored? 
There is space to store luggage inside the cabin. It is also possible to store luggage at the end of each carriage, however there will be limited access to this.

You are welcome to travel along Russian Transsib with the Golden Eagle Transsiberian Express!

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