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Piskaryovka Cemetery. Museums of St. Petersburg

MUSEUMS. Piskaryovka Cemetery

  • Open daily from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm, till 05.00 pm on Friday.
  • Metro - Ploschad' Muzhestva
  • Than 7 minutes east to the square granite pavilion by bus 123.

For two and a half years during World War II the Germans besieged Leningrad and between half a million and one million people died, mostly of cold and starvation. Almost half a million were buried in mass graves in this cemetery. With acres of slightly raised mounds marked by year, it's a sobering place. At the entrance is an exhibit of photographs that need no captions. Here you'll understand the Russian obsession with that war.

The cemetery is a long way out; about a 20-minute trip by car from the city center.







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