Lake Baikal


Route: Listvyanka Settlement Circum-Baikal railway (CBR) Peschanaya Bay Sakhyurta (MRS) Settlement Maloye More(the Small Sea) Olkhon Island Chivyrkuisky Gulf- Maloye More(the Small Sea)
Schedule of excursions: Summer
Number of people in group: 2-12
Dates of the tour: from 29th July to 05th August (these definite dates are for individuals only)

The program of the tour:

Day 1. 29.07. Circum-Baikal Railway
From12:00 -Embarking and accomadation on board the motor-ships in Listvyanka Settlement
Tourist settlement Listvyanka is located on the southwest shore of Lake Baikal, 65 km away from Irkutsk, at the source of the Angara River. The city and the settlement are connected by picturesque asphalt road. Embarking and accomadation on board the motor-ships
A passage to Circum-Baikal Railway (CBR)
Circum-Baikal Railway is a unique historical and cultural complex including monuments of history, technology, engineering, nature and absolutely unique landscapes. Constructive works and civilian objects left by past cultural epoch most directly touch with geocomplexes.
Circum-Baikal Railway surpassed all the built rail tracks in the world in the number of various kinds of work per 1 km of track and the difficulty of their implementing. It is indeed considered to be the most beautiful railway in the world. 39 tunnels, 500 gutters, culverts, bridges and viaducts including 6 gutters, 15 stone culverts, 411 small metal bridges and so forth were built on the railway.
The motor ship stops for a night in the convenient bay of Circum-Baikal Railway.
Guided walk through abandoned tunnels and galleries.
Lunch on the board of the ship.
Walking guided tour through abandoned tunnels and galleries of the beginning of the 20th century after dinner. The route starts from Ulanovo station (Khvoinaya 98 km of CBR) and takes place along the lake shore (about 1.5 km) among a most beautiful nature.
Khvoinaya station (Ulanovo). Khvoinaya is the only station that was abandoned after the line had become a deadlock. There are still a few facilities. They are a stone building with a water-lifting pipe and the foundations of lost buildings. Four station buildings of "Nicholas Train Empire" style were re-constructed.
Dinner on board of the ship
Overnight stay on board the motor ship in one of the convenient bays of Circum-Baikal Railway. The captain can take a decision to bring the motor ship up on the night in Bolshie Koty Settlement located 40 km away from Circum-Baikal Railway due to poor weather conditions.
Bolshie Koty is a settlement located on the western shore of Lke Baikal, 20 km to the north of Listvyanka settlement. Its name originates from the words kotky or koty. It was a name of wooden shoes that was made for convicts in this place. At first Bolshie Koty was a settlement of gold diggers. Gold mining began there in 1842. Exploration has been conducted in the valleys of the rivers Bolshie Koty, Malye Koty and the river Sennoy. More than 160 kilograms of gold have been mined near Bolshie Koty for half a century. The settlement has become one of the most convenient and popular tourist des-tinations in recent years due to its proximity to Irkutsk and Listvyanka on the one hand and due to its sufficient isolation allowing to preserve the picturesque local nature on the other hand. There is a Mu-seum of Baikal and the Aquarium of the Institute of Biology in Bolshie Koty. One can also buy unusual Baikal souvenirs in local souvenir shops and have interesting walking tours.

Day 2. 30.07. Peschanaya Bay
Start of voyage from lodging place to Peschanaya Bay at about 6 a.m.. The bay is famous for its stilted trees, magnificent sea views from the cliffs surrounding the bay and a great sandy beach.
Breakfast and lunch aboard
As an option you can have two-hour walking tour to Sennaya bay, a cordon of Baikal National Park, along the scenic mountain path passing over the lake shore along the spur of the Primorsky Range. On the way you would visit Babushka Bay that is one of the most beautiful on Lake Baikal.
Russian banya on the shore of Lake Baikal in the evening should be paid for separately to maintainer at destination. After good warming up in banya one can take a dip in cold water of Baikal.
Lunch on the board of the ship.
Dinner on board the motor ship.
Overnight stop on board the ship.
The distance of the voyage is 100 kilometers, travel time is 6 hours.

Day 3. 31.07. Petroglyphs of the rock Sagan-Zaba
Start of voyage at about 6 a.m. from Sennaya bay along the western shore to the North of Olkhon Island, the largest island on Baikal and one of the sacred places of the Buryat people and shamanistic religion. Travel time is 8-10 hours.
Lake Baikal is a blue heart of Siberia and Olkhon Island is a heart of Baikal. The island is a geographi-cal, historical and sacral center of the lake and the center of ancient legends and historical tales.
Breakfast on board the motor ship.
Full day trip to Small Olkhons Gate
Passage the strait Malye Olkhonskye Vorota (Small Olkhons Gate) that is the narrow strait between Olkhon Island and mainland. En-rute a stop at the rock of Sagan Zaba. Lunch abord

Dinner aboard the ship.
The distance of the voyage is 100 kilometers, travel time is 8 hours.

Day 4. 01.08. Islands of Maloe More (the Small Sea)
We arrive in Sakhurta on noon and we have free time aproximetly till 14.00
Lunch aboard
Crossing the Little Sea from the southern tip of Olkhon Island to the northern one.
If time and weather conditions permit, visit the island of Ogoi
Dinner aboard
Overnight at the discretion of the captain in one and the gulfs of the Small Sea.
The distance of the voyage is 70 kilometers, travel time is 5 hours.

Day 5. 02.08. Bays of Chivyrkuisky gulf
Breakfast aboard
Passage through Chivyrkuisky gulf
Visiting Zmeinaya Bay during the day
This bay is famous for its healing sulphurous baths with water temperature from +41 to +45 degrees.
Lunch aboard
Visiting islands of Chivyrkuisky gulf. Sightseeing of great cormorant nesting place from the water
Visiting Krohalinaya Bay
Dinner aboard
Banya on board the ship as an option
Overnight stay on board the ship in one of the bays of Chivyrkuisky gulf.
The distance of the voyage is 110-120 kilometers, travel time is 8-10 hours.

Day 6. 03.08. Rest in Chivyrkuy Bay
Breakfast on board the ship
Walking along the Gulf of Chivyrkuya, fishing will be organized for everyone. Who is not interested in fishing can lighten the day for rest, bathing or simply to ride a boat across the bay. Possible spinning fishing for pike, perch and carp. Our cook will gladly cook for you for lunch your catch
Lunch aboard the ship
Waterway to the island of Bolshaya Baklaniy. There are seven islands on the Chivyrkuisky Bay. And the largest of them, the island of Bolshaya Baklaniy (Shimai), which is listed in the state monuments of nature (landscape monument). Sometimes on the island you can meet an elk.
Walking along the island, it is possible to arrange spinning fishing for grayling, pike. For lovers of beach rest and tanning, a magnificent beach and warm water.
Dinner aboard the ship.
Overnight stay on board the ship in one of the bays of Chivyrkuisky gulf.
The distance of the voyage is 20-30 kilometers, travel time is 1-2 hours.

Day 7. 04.08, Ushkan Islands
Breakfast on board the ship
Passage to Ushkan Islands
Tour around the islands
The rocky shores of the islands are rookery of the unique Baikal mammal Baikal seal or nerpa. The largest Baikal rookery of nerpa is located on the western side of Tonkiy Island. According to scientists, the number of nerpas at the rookery ranges from 2,000 animals and it hasnt changed since 1934. Nerpa is cautious. If one speaks loudly and makes noise approaching nerpas, they dive from stones. Usually there arent nerpas at the rookery right after storm or in case of waves on the water (as an option you can visit the island at an additional cost).
Lunch on board the ship
Further visiting the islands
Dinner on board the ship
Overnight at the discretion of the captain in one and the gulfs of the Small Sea.
The distance of the voyage is 120 kilometers, travel time is 8-10 hours.

Day 8. 05.08. Islands of Maloe More (the Small Sea). Olkhon Island
Breakfast on board the ship
The end of the cruise.
Disembarkation of tourists in the village of Sakhurta (MRS).

The price includes:

  • excursions
  • accommodation aboard the ship
  • meals (FB)
  • fees for visits to national parks
  • the medical insurance
  • guide services
  • fishing kits
  • on-board sauna use
  • insurance
  • fishing equipment
  • use of the sauna on motor board
  • use of a motor boat in good weather
  • information material provided prior to travel


A single cabin
(dollars per person)
A double cabin
(dollars per person)
single occupancy double occupancy single occupancy
1300 1300 2350
Accommodation in a family cabin
triple occupancy four-seated accommodation
1050 900

The time of embarkation and disembarkation can be changed, additionally specify when booking a cruise.


You are welcome to Siberia: Irkutsk and Baikal Lake!

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