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MUSEUMS. Regional Studies Museum

  • 46, Malyishev Street
  • Open Wensday through Monday, from 11.00 am to 05.00 pm;
  • Closed on Tuesday.

This is one of the oldest museum of this region. It's 130 years old. Museum is located in the former estate of local merhants and distillery -owners Poklevski-Kozel built in 19th century. 

The collection of the museum includes unique samples of archeological, artistic, paleontological and metal works. You'll see manuscripts and first-printed books of 16th -20th cc, icons of old believers from Nevyansk, Shigirsky idol - the most ancient and the largest wooden sculpture of the world, it's more then 8000 years old, things made from hammered copper in the Ural plants in 18th C. 

It will be interesting to see the full collection of coppers issued in Ural and Siberia. The real rarity is coppers of 1725-1727 issued by the mint of Yekaterinburg. You'll see statuettes of Buddha, figurines of Confusius and Lao Tzi from Oriental collections.

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