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Crystal Chambers or Russian Winter (active tour)/

Crystal Chambers or Russian Winter (active tour) 

This tour is for those for whom the beauty of the Ural winter is new. The excursion starts from a restaurant-museum УDemidovФ, because it is good to have a fun when you are full and slightly drunk! Tourists will take a trip to the lake and will have a chance to slide real ice-hills! Later they will take a trip to the forest where striking imagination chamber of Grandfather Frost from the Ural tales rises. Tourists will taste herbal tea and after it gets dark they will continue their trip. There is a fantastic ice castle in the center of Yekaterinburg: carved icy walls, icy hills, labyrinths twinkle and shine in the night. The icy figures invite guests to the merry-go-round. Music, folk dances and joy Ц that is what the Russian winter is!

Prime season - December - March.

Duration: 5 hours.

Included: transfers, english/ german/ french -speaking guide. 

Payment per person, EUR  1 PAX 2 PAX 3-6 PAX 7-9 PAX
  202 106 88 44

Please check the price of the tour during booking because it can be changed without notice. Exact price is confirmed at the time of booking. 

We advise you to take warm things with you.  As you probably heard already winters in Russian Siberia can be very frosty.


You are welcome to Ural, Yekaterinburg!

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