Vladivostok Botanical Garden

MUSEUMS. Vladivostok Botanical Garden 

  • 142, Makovskogo Street (suburban bus stop Botanichesky Sad)
  • Open daily, from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm 

The garden is situated in suburb of the city, in the resort area between the city and the airport. It was established in 1948. The total area is 178 hectares and 98% is occupied with natural forests as an example of Southern Primorye forests. The ground of the territory is irregular with slopes of 30 degrees. Its greenhouses have rare plants from all continents. Various species of the Far Eastern taiga such as cedar, spruce, lianas and Amur marigold are also represented there. The eastern part of the territory is dominated by fir-deciduous forests. Oak forests prevail in its western part. There are approximately 400 plant species in the Garden. 

Hiking along the ecological path is worth doing. Its about 2 kilometers. Youll pass along the forests territory and get acquainted with formation of South Primorye - black fir broadleaves forests: 31 kinds of trees and 25 kinds of bushes. There are the biggest representatives of coniferous species such as Korean Cedar and Fir. Mongolian oak, maples, linden can be found here too. Collections and expositions of agrarian decorative plants, peonies lilies and other decorative cultural, adapted to the climate of Primorsky region.

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