Memorial Submarine S-56 Museum. Museums and memorails of Vladivostok.

MUSEUMS.  Memorial Submarine S-56 Museum

  • Korabelnaya Embankment
  • Open daily 10.00 am to 06.00 pm

S - 56 is the submarine of the time of the World War II. ItТs a medium size submarine of the modern (for that time) type with strong torpedo and artillery arms as well as high level of speed and autonomy. 

Soviet Navy had 14 submarines of the same type before the beginning of the World War II and received 16 more during the war itself. The crewmembers of this submarine were the heroes who traveled through Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in 1942 Ц 1943 destroying 10 fascist ships on its way.

When this submarine had served its time out it was reorganized into the training station. However, it became a memorial by the 30th anniversary of the Great Victory in the World War II. Nowadays, visitors are allowed into its stern compartments, central post (climbing through the hatches) and into the nose compartments that look exactly how they looked like during the war.

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