Ussuri Nature Reserve

Ussuri Nature Reserve

Ussuri Taiga (wilderness) is a vast expanse broadleaf and coniferous forest. Part of the wilderness has been set aside as Ussuri State Nature Reserve, which covers 40.5 hectares in Southern Primorye. Just two hours by car from Vladivostok, this spur of ancient Manchurian forest features a highly varied world of plants and animals including towering evergreen and broadleaf rimmed by thick underbrush bearing hundreds of eligible species of berries and nuts. More than 60 kinds of trees, lianas and shrubs grow here. The forest is home to the Siberian Tiger and the Ussury Wild Cat, the Black Stork and Mandarin Duck, the Himalayan Black Bear, the Siberian Musk Deer, the Siberian Salamander and many others. 

Ussuriisk State Nature Reserve has the only Russian Far Eastern rehabilitation center for orphaned bear cubs. There is also a unique cave called the Sleeping Beauty with medieval artifacts like a face of a women etched on the ceiling. 
Several eco-trails, the reserve's Museum of Nature and Ussuri Endemic Ecological Center help visitors to experience the wonders of this world.

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