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Gregori Shelikhov as an explorer of Russian America. Exploration of Alaska.

Gregori Shelikhov

Gregori Shelikhov was also one of the founders of the Russian-American Company, a trading firm set up in Russia for exploring the territories of Russian America. The Russian domains in Alaska were so called from the second half of the 18th to the second half of the 19th century that is the Aleutian islands and the north-west coast of North America as far as the 54°40'. He published a book about his travels entitled The Travels of the Russian Merchant Grigori Shelikhov from Okotsk Across the Eastern Ocean to the Shores of America. His name was given to a town in Irkutsk Region and to the bay in the Okhotsk Sea, a strait between the Peninsula of Alaska and Kadiak Island where he founded the first Russian settlements in 1784.




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