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Sights of interests in Yekaterinburg.


Today Yekaterinburg is rich in sights. You'll see the architectural monuments of Russian classicism of the 18-19th centuries including the Estate of Rastorguev-Kharitonov (it's a real palace on the Voznesenskaya Hill), Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Church of the Ascension and other churches. You'll see the birth-place of the town - the Historical Square, the dam and the plants' equipment patterns of the past - enormous, black, strangers in our epoch. It will be so exciting to make the acquaintance of the house/ an ex-station/ where the Decembrists had a stop on the way to Siberia, the Novo-Tikhvinsky Convent and the Main Mine Office where all the Urals plants were directed from. 

Three assassinations of the members of the Emperor's family are known to take place in the Urals: Michael, the younger brother of Nicholas II, was killed in Perm (unfortunately his burial place hasn't been identified so far); Princes the Great Romanovs, the close relatives of the Emperor's family, were killed in Alapayevsk (100 km from Yekaterinburg) and seven members of the ex-tzar family were killed in the house of engineer Ipatiev in the summer of 1918. You have the possibility to follow the last way of Romanov Dinasty visiting the place of the former Ipatyev's house, exposing wax figures and authentic photos of the Emperor's family, visiting the place where the remains which might belong to the members of the tzar family were found (30 km from Yekaterinburg). You'll see an abandoned mine where the bodies of still alive relatives of the tzar Nicholas II and his wife tzaritsa Alexandra Fedorovna were thrown that is not far from the town of Alapaevsk. 

You can visit old Urals towns such as Kungur with its world famous ice-cave, Nevyansk with its inclined tower and open-air Museum of Russian Wooden Architecture, Verkhotourie with its Nikolayevsy Monastery where the relics of the Saint Simeon of Verkhotourie are exposed. 



A visit to the Urals, a land of boundless forests, picturesque lakes and rocks will make an indelible impression on you!

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